Sunday, January 1, 2012

Stream Of Conciousness Sunday: The New Car Smell Of 2012

It was nice to take a break last Sunday from writing, given that it was Christmas Day & all. Fadra had given us a piece of info to crew on all week though: That changes were coming in 2012 to our beloved Stream Of Consciousness Sunday.  I couldn't wait to find out what it was - and late last night when Fadra posted the shiny new concept I was happy.  Some weeks there is plenty on the brain to expound upon, but other times you a a bit stuck, so the idea of having a writing prompt which you may either choose to use... or not, was very cool.  So let's get to it!

Today’s Writing Prompt:  
Write about the things you don’t want to change in 2012.

At first I thought this would be a challenge. I tweeted with someone that I didn't think I wanted to do a traditional end of year post because, we I didn't feel 2011 was a spectacularly thrilling or fulfilling year for me.  Be that as it may I did have a few things that I'm happy about & still feel very blessed about, and would not want to change.
#1. I am still employed - full time. That, in this economy, given where I was back in 2009 - the 1st part of 2010 is a blessing.  Although I have unattained aspirations left to tackle with my career, I am thankful & blessed to be working at all given where so many others are right now.

#2. I met one of my virtual mentors - Olivier Blanchard, aka @TheBrandBuilder - in real life.  As sappy as that sounds I have a long list of folks who I tweet with on a regular basis & who don't live in the same state as I.  A speaking engagement in the Twin Cities made the meeting possible. That experience totally rocked & made that entire week!

#3. I found @Pinterest and am forever smitten! In case you haven't signed up - here are my boards - check them out. It's the shizzle! Into every day a little pinning must happen. I can even hook you up with an invite if you are thinking of taking the plunge.

#4. My family was healthy & happy.  We got through the year - one major issue, but no broken bones - we survived.  Although we suffered the loss of a 2nd pregnancy - I have to remain optimistic that maybe 2012 will be the year we will be successful in adding to our family. I love my hubby & my son is one of the best things that a woman could ask for. We are blessed.

#5. I became an Heirloom Tomato Gardener! They really were the surprise of the garden this summer. I succeeded in growing them on our southern exposure deck & it gave me a ton of confidence to try even more things next year & to plant what are now some favorite varieties once again.

I am out of time... Time to look forward & make good on some desires & commitments for myself & my career in 2012.  So are you ready? Let's do this!