Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday - Another Year Wiser

Sometimes the most simple things in life bring you pleasure. Take these rather tart Early Blush Fireside Apples I bought at the Minneapolis Farmer's Market a couple of weeks ago.  

Munchkin was satisfied to eat them as is. He loves every kind of apple, whether they are more tart or sweet. I had elaborate plans with what to do with them & tonight instead just tossed them with some Turbinado Sugar & Penzeys Spices Chinese Cassia Cinnamon to put over a scoop of ice cream.  

My mother, who I adore, was not the best baker in the world. She used to make my favorite dessert, fruit crisp, with canned Wilderness Apple or Cherry pie filling.  I loved eating crisp, but my favorite part was the crunchy oatmeal topping.  I used to dream of making the perfect apples for crisp, but from scratch. The canned filling was always much too sweet. I craved the taste of the fresh apples, slightly tart and slightly sweet.  My parents always gave me free reign to experiment with my baking in the kitchen & I love to cook today because of it.

This week I turned one year older and another year wiser. I find myself appreciating the more simple joys in my life.  Taking the time to cook more from scratch is one of those things.  The best compliment was my hubby shoveling big spoonfuls of the apples into his mouth, straight from the baking dish.  He told me how his Mom used to make apples for them that tasted just like these.  Too bad my Mother-in-Law wasn't right there to hear it! It was delicious indeed.

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Jaime said...

Nothing beats the taste of tart crisp apples in the fall. So you satisfied your craving, but now I have to head back to the store.....