Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 17 Of An Unofficial 31 Day Experiment

Only 4 days to go before I consider myself having re-wired my brain. Just 21 days to form a habit, but I'm not stopping there.

I'm doing daily workouts for 31 days. No one wants to accept that their body isn't that of a 20 something or even a 30 something young woman anymore.   And it really sucks.  Every day I get up, I remind myself that my stamina is not what it used to be, but I can still change that. The needle can still be moved in the opposite direction. It's just going to take time.

I'm pretty excited that after only 14 days of daily workouts I could already feel the difference in the way my pants fit - for real. I was not imagining it - I promise you.  

Tonight I re-introduced myself to an old friend...

He was very happy to see me and hopes I won't neglect him as I've done over the past several months.  It was a matter of remembering that it's not that big a a deal. 2 miles is nothing mixed in with a little sweat. I remember having to get in 45 minutes to an hour of Cardio once (sometimes twice) each day to stay on course preparing for contests. Back when I was teaching I'd teach up to 11 classes a week & still do my workouts on top of that. I would run road races without really training & I didn't die afterwards. 

What's a little workout done in the comfort of my own home - so easy right? I know it. I can do this & it can't be a resolution thing - it's about change, focus & balance, plus remembering how confident being really fit makes you.  I want that feeling back in my life.

So the squats, lunges, kettle bells, tubing work, pushups, boxing & videos will all add up in the end & keep me focused on the prize. Golf season is only a few months away & boy are those skirts short!

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