Saturday, January 7, 2012

Back in the Saddle Again

It's the weekend after a very long, stressful work week.  Now that we've survived the holidays, the Christmas tree was stripped bare. All the ornaments, garland & lights were carefully packed away.  

I've been buying a few ornaments each year & making an effort to pare down & get rid of holiday decor I no longer intend to use. My latest thing has been an obsession with soft ornaments - fabric or knitted - anything Munchkin can touch & handle without fear of glass breaking should it be dropped by accident. We also have a nice new collection of ornaments Munchkin has made which find a home on our tree every year.

Last week was also a crazy one because there was a lice scare in Munchkin's class. Those of you that have been through it know the drill, I could handle it but it's such an inconvenience. After a haircut today I chatted with his stylist about the lice issue.  She recommended the line of products they carry for Lice Prevention. I had always thought that lice only liked thin, straight hair typical of little toe heads. I though our risk was low - no shortage of curls & texture in Munchkin's adorable little head.
She told me that one of the worst cases she has ever seen was in a little multiracial girl with a head of gorgeous round curls.  That freaked me out enough that I walked out after buying a product she recommended - a Lice Prevention Leave-in Conditioner. Needless to say I was taking no chances going forward.

Next up comes party planning as within a couple of months Munchkin turns 5 years old & we've promised that he can have a bigger party every other year. I would go bat crazy if I have to figure out kid party logistics every single year.   It's also the countdown to Kindergarten registration.  Unfortunately I have no idea where Munchkin's Birth Certificate is, so I'll be ordering a new one a.s.a.p. It's also time to schedule the annual Well Child Pediatric appointment.

As difficult as it is to find time for me, I'm committed, like so many other Moms I know, to make 2012 the year of a better me. I miss the health club for the abundance of free weights. I also miss group fitness classes after having taught for so many years, so I responded to a Groupon offer good for 10 drop-in classes at a studio not too far from home. I have an entire year to use them, so there's no way I can lose.

I'm also getting reacquainted with something called a daily workout.  I've gone back to journaling our meals & my workouts, so I have some visual form of accountability - just like I used back when I was training for a bodybuilding show & was on a very restricted diet & specific eating plan. 

I'm "Back in the saddle again" having worked out 6 days in a row this week.  ((Giving myself a pat on the back from my conscience.)) How? By staying focused, but taking things slow so that I'm not overwhelmed with muscle soreness.  I've already increased my repetitions & plan to add more elements back into my workout schedule. For  now I need to continue this effort at home - not feeling ready to pay club membership dues again when I can't get to the gym as much as I'd prefer to.
Any form of exercise if pursued continuously will help train us in perseverance. - Mao Tse-Tung
I've made good friends with my Kettlebell thanks to a challenge idea spotted by @KrisColvin for doing 10,000 Kettlebell swings in the month of January. I'll get no where near that many swings in, however for me combining them with tons of squats & lunges is more my plan. I've also started fitting in a lot of old fashioned pushups.

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” 

- Jim Rohn

I fully intend to be a totally hot chick in my short golf skirts this season walking the course with my best girls - putting one foot in front of the other, making better choices & focusing on my goals. Next week it's back on the elliptical - taking things up another notch. I'm on a mission - no resolutions, just less talk and a hell of a lot more action.

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