Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Caribou Coffee Inspiration: Guilty Pleasures - Part 2 of 2


Now that I've found these fun sayings on their napkins, I keep looking for more.  Can't help wondering what Caribou has up it's sleeve in the coming months. Guilty Pleasure number six through ten are up next:


6. My daily Chai Tea Latte (from Caribou Coffee of course.) We received a wonderful Espresso machine for Christmas many years back and it's used every single day. It's bad enough that I keep the house stocked with coffee beans for my husband just so he can avoid this type of temptation. Now I've been sucked in & am feeling pretty guilty for being this frivolous.  I'm blaming it on the fact that I don't drink coffee & that no one makes a Chai Tea Latte as good as Caribou Coffee - except maybe myself. Speaking of tea, I need to file this innovative idea under "Why didn't I think of that?!"

7. Letting my son eat Kellogg's Fruit Snacks. Cars, John Deere, Disney characters, Letter & Number Bites - He loves them all.  I should be concerned that the first ingredient on the package is Corn Syrup, but he's such a good & healthy eater 95% of the time, I don't mind. Bad Mom... Not at all.

8. Coveting my neighbor's Tech Toys.  If this were a commandment I'd constantly be in confession.  While my spouse is content with his SkyCaddy & regular phone, I have a long list of tech toys I'd love to have. I won't make a short story long with the entire list, but these first two are really needs.
  • Laptop (MacBook Pro) 15" screen would do, but a 17" would be a splurge.
  • A Smartphone.
  • New higher quality Digital Camera 
A new camera would help me capture much better shots like this one I was 
trying to get of my renegade garden in bloom:

Our desktop is on it's last legs.  It has a dysfunctional relationship with the printer.  The PC no longer talks to the printer, but the printer will talk to the PC - not the most productive pair.

9. Going to four different stores to do my grocery shopping. Now I certainly don't hit each store during every week, but my standard list includes things from Trader Joe's, SuperTarget, Cub Foods & even Rainbow Foods.  You could say I'm spoiling my family, but there are certain products I won't compromise on. So, retailers if your store does not carry exactly what I need or want, I will go elsewhere.  You will lose some or all of my shopping budget dollars on any given day.

10. Collecting Books vs. Making Trips to the Library.  I am double dipping since I get most of my books on-line at Amazon.com. This is the number one reason the iPad is not on my "covet" list. Although it's not a glorified Nook or Kindle, an iPad doesn't fulfill the tactical need to turn the pages in a real book, or to highlight important points on the page for future reference. I'm not a gamer and I haven't visited a public library in over 15 years, except to do business at the Hennepin County Service Center. 

I love having my own personal library, which I can reference any time of day or night, with no threats of late fees if I get caught up in life & have to put my book down for a few days. My little one has an extensive personal library too. Many titles were given to him by Mom, Dad, and Santa, as well as his grandmother, who spent a lifetime as an educator. Soon, I'll be introducing my 3 yr old to the public library so that he can get his own library card & experience a little of what I did growing up.  I know that his future reality will not be my own. Before I know it, he'll be asking for his own laptop, Smartphone & iPad.

The whole art of teaching is only the art of awakening the natural curiosity of young minds for the purpose of satisfying it afterwards. - Anatole France

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