Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Live For Today - It Changes In An Instant

How kids make progressions in leaps & bounds at this age amazes me. From writing words to coloring within the lines, my son is growing up too fast. Not that long ago I swear I was just helping him hold the pencil the right way as he wrote & now the words are recognizable - with no help from Mom.
 Memories are made in an instant. Look the other way & you'll miss them. Life can change in an instant. Live for today, because tomorrow is never promised.
Yes, of course I want him to learn as much as possible - to grow more independent every day, to feel confident and secure in his skin. I'm just not quite ready for him to come home and quiz me on the Spanish he learned that day at school: "Rojo is Red, Mom. What is Yellow? What is Green? What is Blue, Mom?"  Or to have a witty comeback for why he's not ready to take a nap like: "I'm not sleepy anymore - I don't have any yawns in my mouth."
"I pray that my love for you will brim with practical wisdom, that where appropriate I will be able to respond to your questions with clear answers. I pray that my love for you will brim with imagination, that where appropriate I will be able to answer your questions with enlightening stories. - Modern prayer from Uppsala, Sweden
How quickly little boys quickly grow into little men. The other day, he asked for a wipe, then proceeded to clean the kitchen table before dinner.  He methodically removed each placemat & them put them back in their places when he was finished. He loves to water the plants in our landscaping and even Swiffer the hardwood floors.  I'm aware the novelty of being Mom's little helper may eventually wear off, but in the meantime I'm enjoying the daily surprises. 
Many working Moms end the day feeling more stressed than when it started. There is usually so much to be done before we are able to call it a night and rest. As I reflected on some of the good family memories that were made this week, a few aha's came to mind. You might even call it a mini survival kit for the working mom.
1. Reserve your battles for the things that are most important. 
2. Don't waste energy obsessing about the things you can't control - the unknowns. 
3. Keep that list of regrets in your life short. 
4. Find inspiration in the things you see around you that renew a sense of hope & fulfillment. 
5. Try not to get so caught up in the challenges of today that you miss the sweetness and the joys.

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