Saturday, June 5, 2010

It's PotLuck - A few dishes to pass around the table

I spent some time catching up on Google Reader last evening.  I had no idea how quickly those posts pile up.  Whenever I need a blog fix, I almost always link to followed blogs either directly or via a twitter link, which Google doesn't care about or acknowledge. 

There has been some really good information & writing found on Twitter and in blogs lately, so I thought I'd share a few of them with you. I'm calling today's post "Potluck". Make sure you stop & visit each link when you're done reading.

1. Meet Julia Dinsmore, (aka @nothosepeople on Twitter) in an Emmy-nominated TPT (Twin Cities Public Television) documentary, Close The Gap.  One more gem of hers: Danny Glover's narration of Julia's world renowned poem "Not Those People". I started following Julia on Twitter recently thanks to a couple of our shared connections & really would love to meet her one day soon. She's been an inspiration to so many because she speaks & sings about truths. Julia has lived that which she educates about and crusades for, so people can really identify with and trust her.

2. Twin Cities Journalist Trish Van Pilsum, (aka @TrishAtFox on Twitter) recently blogged about a story she did which should be important to all of us - Teen Driving Safety:  "One Life at a Time".

3. Mark Horvath, (aka @hardlynormal) on Twitter tweeted a link to a great article about lawmakers in Honolulu visiting homeless individuals in order to seek input on solutions to end homelessness. 

4. This last one is crazy, but so true: kids are wired for technology these days long before their parents ever were. Check out this article by Mike Henry which was published on, What a Toddler Can Tell You About the Future of Media.

I hope you enjoy this little snack!

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